Air Conditioning Drain LIne Damage Claims

What happens if your air-conditioning begins to leak in your home? You need to determine if there is water or mold damage and if it’s covered by your insurance.

Sentry’s licensed Florida public adjusters have decades of combined experience handling water-damage insurance claims for property owners. We provide:

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Does Your Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Air-Conditioning?

Your homeowners’ insurance may or may not cover the repairs to your air-conditioning, but it should cover the water damage caused by the air-conditioning. Insurance companies can be finicky about coverages if they can blame the damage on a homeowner’s neglect.

Sentry Public Adjusting can analyze your policies and document your claim for you with the insurance company. We are experts in getting clients the maximum value for water damage claims related to air-conditioning.

Air Conditioning Repairman
Air Conditioning Drain Line Damage

Air Conditioning Leak Facts

  • In humid climates such as Florida, the air-conditioner can put out 20 gallons of water into the drain pipe per day.
  • A clogged condensate drain line is the most common cause of water damage from your A/C unit.
  • Dirty air filters can cause your air-conditioning unit to leak. Ice will form on the evaporator coils, and when the coils return to a normal temperature, the ice will melt and can cause water damage.
  • If your overflow pan is broken, damaged or missing, the water will overflow and can cause water damage while your air-conditioning is running.
  • A broken overflow safety switch will allow your air-conditioning to continue to run and will cause water damage from the coil overflow pan.
  • A lack of maintenance on your air-conditioning unit can cause water damage. If your unit isn’t routinely checked, many issues can arise from normal wear and tear.
  • If the pitch of your condensate line is incorrect, the water will not flow out properly and can cause water damage in your home.

These are just some of the more common ways that your air-conditioning unit can cause water damage to your home. After you have your air-conditioning leak fixed, call Sentry Public Adjusting. We can inspect your home for any damage at no charge, and we can handle all the details of your homeowners’ insurance claim for water damage.

Mold Remediation

Air Conditioning Drain Line Damage

If there is consequential mold damage to your home due to water damage, your homeowners’ insurance company may not want to cover the costs of mold remediation.

Sentry Public Adjusting can help you get maximum compensation to cover all damages to your home. We have experience in handling claims for air-conditioning leaks causing water damage. We will thoroughly review your insurance policy and handle your insurance claim from start to finish.

Important Things to Know About Air Conditioning Drain Line Damage and Leaks

Air-conditioning leaks can cause extensive damage to your home. While cleanup from a leak may seem like a quick and easy task, the water damage can go further than a puddle you may see on your floor. Your air-conditioning may be damaged beyond use and require replacement. There might also be damage around your unit.

Floridians leave the air-conditioning running nearly all the time. If there is a leak that isn’t immediately caught, it can cause water damage we can’t even see (in an attic, closet, garage or outside of your home).

Water damage can also lead to mold damage in your home. It only takes 24 hours for mold to start growing. If a leak isn’t caught for a week, the mold damage can become extensive.

Don’t get caught off guard by water damage from your air-conditioning unit. Contact Sentry Public Adjusting for a free inspection of any water damage to your home.

The Sentry Public Adjusting Claim Process

Sentry Public Adjusting will do a FREE inspection of the water damage in your home from your air-conditioning unit. This inspection process is extensive. We want to make sure that we discover all possible damage to your home so that we can get you the maximum settlement.

You can schedule your FREE inspection at your earliest convenience. Our water damage claim adjustment process includes:


  • Reviewing the existing homeowners’ insurance policies to figure out coverages for the damages that have occurred.
  • Evaluating all losses, including building damages, the contents of the building and any additional expenses incurred.
  • Inspecting your home to estimate and substantiate all the damages. The estimator appointment is a vital part of the claim process.
  • Reopening a previously closed claim if any issues are found after the claim has been settled.
  • Determining all costs for repairing damages.
  • Calculating losses from any business interruptions and additional expense claims for businesses.
  • Presenting all documentation along with the roof-leak damage claim to your insurance company.
  • Negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf.
  • Working to get you compensation for any additional damages, such as mold damage that requires remediation.

Why Should You Choose Sentry Public Adjusting?

Sentry Public Adjusting knows the hassle and paperwork that accompanies filing a water damage claim with your homeowners’ insurance company. We can take most of the weight off your shoulders and advocate for you to get maximum compensation.

We will do whatever it takes to make your house a home again.

Air Conditioning Drain Line Damage

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