Submitting commercial property insurance claims can be a complex and intricate process.

Whether your commercial damage happened from weather-related occurrences, theft or vandalism, Sentry Public Adjusting can help you with your commercial loss damage claim. Contact us to schedule a free commercial property damage inspection.



At Sentry Public Adjusting, we’re on your side when it comes to business and commercial property damage. We know that it can be tricky to navigate a complex commercial claim. Insurance company adjusters work for the insurance company and typically recommend a minimal settlement.

When it comes to adjusting claims for commercial property damage, Sentry Public Adjusting has an extensive process, including: 

  • Reviewing your insurance policy to see what your coverage is for the damages that have occurred.
  • Evaluating in detail all losses, replacement costs if the damage is not repairable and additional expenses from damages.
  • Inspecting your property to estimate and substantiate all of the damages.
  • Calculating losses from business interruptions and additional expense claims for businesses.
  • Presenting all information collected along with the damage claim to your insurance company.
  • Negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf.

Here at Sentry Public Adjusting, we understand the intricacies of running a business. We work for you, not the insurance company. Don’t get underpaid or lowballed by your insurance company and lose further business while waiting for a proper settlement.

Commercial Loss


Many different damages can fall under the cloak of commercial property claims, including:

tree fallen on home

Business Interruption

These claims are among the highest because any damage can interrupt business if you must close or can’t operate due to unsafe conditions in the workplace.

mold on wall

Burglary and Theft

Many businesses experience theft and burglary. Always take adequate measures, such as alarm systems and surveillance, so that you can make a proper claim for your business.

tree fallen on home

Wind and Hail Damage

Living in Florida, we know the damage that windstorms and hurricanes can cause. Fifteen percent of commercial property damage claims are due to wind and hail damage. Find out more about how to get properly compensated for your wind damages here.

mold on wall


Fires can be a hazardous situation no matter how large or small they are. They should always be taken seriously. There is generally more cleanup than meets the eye. Smoke, soot and ash damage can affect everything from the structure of your building to your merchandise. About 10 percent of all commercial insurance claims are fire-related.


Generally, business and commercial properties have insurance policies that are structured for specific purposes. This can leave a commercial property or business owner confused when it comes to understanding coverages.

Having the help of a professional public adjuster can mean a large difference in your insurance claim settlement. The insurance company adjuster is only going to have the insurer’s best interest in mind.

Ease your mind with Sentry Public Adjusting. We know the language that insurance companies speak. We’re well-trained, licensed professionals who can help you get maximum value for your commercial property claim.

Commercial Loss


A commercial property damage claim can look like a big process to tackle. The good news is you don’t have to go through it alone. Sentry Public Adjusting will be with you every step of the way. It all starts when you call us. We will take an in-depth look at your insurance policy and schedule a FREE inspection of your property and the damage at your earliest convenience. The rest of our claim process involves:

  • Reviewing the existing insurance policies to figure out coverages for the damages that have occurred.
  • Evaluating all losses, including building damages, the contents of the building and any additional expenses incurred.
  • Calculating losses from any business interruption and additional expense claims for businesses. Determining business interruption damages is done by a forensic accountant to ensure that your claim is handled appropriately.
  • Inspecting your property to estimate and substantiate all of the damages. The estimator appointment is a vital part of the claim process.
  • Reopening a previously closed claim if any issues are found after the claim has been settled.
  • Presenting all documentation along with the damage claim to your insurance company.
  • Negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf.

Allow Sentry Public Adjusting to handle your commercial property insurance claim and help get you back in business.

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