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Sentry works for you, not the insurance company. We can help you reopen your homeowners or commercial denied insurance claim and maximize your settlement. 

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  • Not filing your claim within the required timeframe of your policy
  • False statements or questionable claims
  • Nonpayment or late payment of your premium
  • Exclusion clauses or anti-concurrent causation clauses (where noncovered damage occurring with covered damage negates the entire claim)
  • Not documenting your claim thoroughly or with enough relevant detail
  • Not taking measures to stop further damage to your property after the initial loss
  • Liability for the damages is deemed to be outside your coverage
  • Deductible not met
  • Occurrence versus maintenance


Even if you have a denied insurance claim or a closed insurance claim, we can help you. Lets discuss how to reopen your insurance claim and figure out how to get the maximum settlement to restore your home.

As you can see, there are many reasons an insurance company can use to deny your claim. Every aspect of the documentation and presentation of your claim must meet the stringent requirements of your insurance provider. Fortunately, Sentry Public Adjusting has extensive experience in writing properly detailed claim applications that result in successful settlements for the clients.

Don’t get stuck in the minutia of property damage claims, and don’t get stuck with less money than your claim is worth.

Denied Claims



Many claims aren’t paid because the insurance company argues that the liability is elsewhere. One typical example of this in Florida is when a landscaper does damage while working on your home.

If you hire a landscaping company and they damage your house, then where to file your claim can get tricky.

Since the fault was on another person or business, the liability should fall under their insurance. If you submit a claim of property damage with your insurer, the claim will be denied.

Our experienced adjusters can make sure your claim is handled correctly and that your damages will be covered.


Many damages such as mold damage, water damage or wind damage can also all happen due to poor maintenance of your home.

If your roof is old and has been leaking, this can cause mold in your attic and throughout your home in addition to water damage from the leak. If you then file a claim for water damage from a particularly bad thunderstorm, your claim may be denied because proper maintenance could have prevented the damage to your home. A claim that is not adequately prepared and documented is more likely to lead to a denial.

Our experienced public adjusters can help you navigate through complicated scenarios where maintenance could be an issue.


Insurance companies can use “false statements” as a reason to deny claims.

However, an insurance adjuster may mark something as a false statement if he or she finds a discrepancy in the original description of the damage, if the information provided wasn’t complete, or the original application for coverage is found to be questionable.

Contacting Sentry Public Adjusting before you contact your insurance carrier ensures that we handle all the details of your claim from application to reimbursement.


A deductible is what you pay out for property damages regardless of your insurance reimbursement.

If the dollar amount of damage is less than your deductible, the insurance company will not cover it. For example, if your deductible for water damage is $1,000, and the insurance company adjuster finds the damage to your home is only $700, your claim will be denied.

With Sentry Public Adjusting and the proper documentation, we can make sure that you get compensated when the damage does meet your deductible.


While this may seem like a frightening process, Sentry Public Adjusting is in the business of getting you the correct coverage and compensation for the damages to your home or business.

The thought of going through a mediation and another appraisal can be intimidating. Hiring a professional public adjuster can make it much more comfortable.

The process will begin with a  FREE, no-commitment visit from one of our licensed Florida public adjusters. Initially, we will thoroughly review all previous documentation of damages. This includes reviewing your homeowners’ insurance policy, the estimate you received from the insurance adjuster and a record of any repairs made.

With many years of experience guiding our decision, we will determine if the claim can be reopened and what the next step of action will be.

We will contact your insurance company and negotiate on your behalf. Afterwards, we will schedule a FREE appraisal of the damages and a reinspection of your property. We will then prepare an accurate claim and handle all details for you throughout the process.

Sentry Public Adjusting works for you, not the insurance company.

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