When your home is damaged, and you send your damage claim in, you expect to get compensation for the damages to your home. Sometimes a homeowner’s insurance company will deny the damage claim. You are not helpless if your home insurance denies your claim. A public adjuster can help you to reopen your claim. There are several reasons that your homeowner’s insurance company may deny your damage claim. It is important to know how a public adjuster can help you successfully reopen your claim and get you the maximum amount of compensation for the damages to your home.

Why is my Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Being Denied?

There are several reasons that your claim is denied, unfortunately, we don’t always have time to sift through every small detail of our home insurance policy. Your policy should cover all damages to your home if a disaster strikes. We would like to think that insurance is foolproof, but that isn’t always the case. There are a few common reasons why your insurance company would deny your damage claim.

6 Common Reasons for Denial of a Home Insurance Claim Denial

    1. Not filing your claim on time – you are supposed to notify your insurance company promptly of damages. There is also time sensitive requirements with the documentation and filing process of your claim.
    1. False statements or questionable claims – after the damage has occurred your insurance company will send out a company adjuster to investigate your claim and document the damage to report to your insurance company. Sentry Public Adjusting will come out and do a free inspection of your home damages and file your claim for you, to help avoid denial of your claim at all costs.
    1. Insufficient documentation of the damage – This responsibility initially falls on the homeowner. It is your responsibility to prove that there has been damage to your home. You also want proper documentation of the damages to submit with your damage insurance claim. A public adjuster will come in and thoroughly document the damages to help with filing the claim to your home insurance company.
    1. Exclusionary clauses – knowing your homeowner’s insurance policy in-depth can protect you from this. All insurance policies have exclusions; your policy may not cover a specific home damage. You homeowner’s insurance policy may also have anti-concurrent causation clauses. That will prevent some of your covered perils from being covered if they deny the claim for both damages.
    1. Not preventing further damages – your insurance company will tell you to mitigate any further damages. To mitigate damages, you have to prevent more damages from occurring and reduce the extent of loss from your damages. If you don’t prevent further damages, your home insurance company may deny your damage claim.

While other slight nuances may cause your homeowner’s insurance company to deny your damage claim, these are the most common reasons. When your damage claim is rejected, there are a few steps that you can take on your own to dispute the denial. If you don’t know what you did wrong the first time, it’s best to have professional help after a claim denial to expedite the claim process. Sentry Public Adjusting can help you dispute your denied claim and will advocate on your behalf with your insurance company.

What can I do After my Home Insurance Damage Claim is Denied?

Discrepancies over the damage of your home with your insurance company are frustrating. When you pay your premium monthly and do everything that you’re told to file your damage claim and it gets denied you can feel defeated. There is often miscommunication between you, the policyholder, and your insurance company. A public adjuster like Sentry can help to ease any miscommunications and help you to settle with your insurance company.

3 Steps to Take After Your Home Damage Claim Has Been Denied

    1. Review your claim– before you contact your insurance company or agent, you should see if there are any glaring mistakes that you can easily remedy by talking to your insurance agent. When we’re stressed out it can be easy to make simple mistakes, take the time to review your claim.
    1. Contact your insurance company – Try to remain calm when you’re talking to either the claims department or your insurance agent. It is frustrating when your claim has been denied, but it is easier to communicate and receive vital information when you are calm. Submit any new evidence that you document and see it that can be reviewed with your claim to see if they are willing to work with you. If they are not, it is best to contact your public adjuster, and they will take care of any more communications between your insurance company and yourself about your damage claim.
    1. Hire a Public AdjusterContact a public adjuster like Sentry Public Adjusting. We can do a thorough read-through of your insurance policy to get a better understanding of why your claim was denied. At Sentry we also do a FREE inspection of the damage to your home and will document all damages in detail. Sentry Public Adjusting will then communicate with your homeowner’s insurance company to help you receive an approved damage claim and the maximum compensation for the damages to your home.

How can a Public Adjuster Help me With my Denied Insurance Claim?

A public adjuster can take care of your denied insurance claim for you. Sentry Public Adjusting has a thorough claims process that we take pride in. We do a FREE evaluation of the damages to your home and property. We document all damages thoroughly and take over the hassle of filing your damage claim to your home insurance company. Don’t let a denied homeowner’s insurance claim weigh you down, call Sentry Public Adjusting today. We can help you return your home to its original beauty and get you the compensation that you deserve.