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Q: Will I Get a Higher Settlement Using a Public Adjuster?

A: The State of Florida did a study examining the impact of using public adjusters in property damage claims. According to the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), policyholders who used a public adjuster received payouts 747% higher on average than those who weren’t represented.

Q: What Is a Public Adjuster?

A: A public adjuster is a professional claims handler licensed by the State of Florida. Public adjusters advocate on behalf of the property owner to ensure proper navigation through the complex provisions and processes involved with a typical insurance claim. A claim that is professionally documented, appraised and negotiated will allow you to receive the maximum settlement according to your policy.

Q: Doesn’t the Insurance Company Provide Me with an Insurance Adjuster?

A: Insurance adjusters are employed by insurance companies, and their loyalty is only to the insurance company. Insurance company profits come from policy premiums minus any money they pay out for claims. Adjusters working for insurance companies are trained to pay as little as possible for claims. Many studies show that hiring a public adjuster to represent you in your insurance claim results in much higher claim settlements.

Q: What Is the Cost of Hiring a Public Adjuster?

A: Public adjuster fees are regulated by the state and will generally be a small percentage of the maximum settlement from the insurance company.

Q: How Long Do I Have to Report a Loss?
A: In Florida, most companies allow you three years to report a claim from the date that the loss occurred. Each insurance company has provisions in their contracts for late reporting of claims that may make filing claims on older losses difficult.
Q: Can the Insurance Company Cancel My Coverage If I Make Multiple Non-Storm Related Insurance Claims?

A: No, it is against the Florida Insurance Statute to cancel your policy for filing claims.

Q: How Do I Know If My Claim Is Worth Making?
A: Unfortunately, a common mistake made by homeowners is trying to assess the damages themselves and failing to take into account the full scope of repairs. Homeowners historically undervalue the severity of damages. The only way to appropriately answer this question is to contact Sentry for a free inspection and analysis of the damage to your property.
Q: How Long Will the Insurance Company Take to Pay My Claim?
A: By law, all companies except Citizens Insurance are required to pay or deny claims within 90 days. Keep in mind that this is the initial payout. The process to get more payouts can take longer. Sentry Public Adjusting has the experience and knowledge to help expedite the process while maximizing your settlement.
Q: Can I Get Help with My Denied Claim?
A: Yes, as long as you did not sign a full and final release. Some insurance companies may require you to sign a proof of loss or partial proof of loss before they will pay you. You should also be aware of the statute of limitations that may apply to an insurance claim. If you have a legitimate basis for additional claim damages documented through a public adjuster, insurance companies often will make a good-faith attempt to resolve any outstanding differences.
Q: I Settled My Claim a Number of Months Ago but Now Find There Are Other Costs and Issues that Resulted From My Damage. Can I Still Get a Public Adjuster Involved?
A: Yes, as long as you did not sign a full and final release. Some insurance companies may require you to sign a proof of loss, and in some cases, a partial proof of loss in order to write you a check for your loss. You should also be mindful of the statute of limitations that may apply to an insurance claim. We have found over the years that if you have a legitimate basis for additional claim damages and if documented through a professional public adjuster’s work product, insurance companies often will sit down with us and make a good faith attempt to try and resolve any outstanding differences.
Q: Can I Hire a Public Adjuster If I Am Already in the Middle of the Claim Process?
A: Yes, you can. Contact Sentry, and we can arrange a no-obligation meeting with you at the loss site to review your unique situation and the issues involved. Each loss is different and requires a hands-on approach to develop a plan for your recovery.
Q: Are There Any Upfront Fees for Services?
A: No. We don’t get paid until and unless you are paid by the insurance company. We typically spend our own money and time documenting and resolving your claim before we get paid. Our consultation and claim review is FREE and without any obligation.
Q: Should I Meet with My Insurance Company Adjuster and Their Representatives Before I Retain a Public Adjuster?
A: No. Insurance companies will likely try to dissuade you from using a public adjuster. Remember, their goal is to pay out as little as is allowed by your policy. Based on our years of experience, we know that meeting with your insurance company without the representation of a licensed public adjuster on your side can be confusing and could result in a denied or underpaid claim.
Q: Which Areas Do You Serve?
A: See our service area map to find out if Sentry Public Adjusting operates in your area.
Q: What Is an Appraisal?

A: The main point of an appraisal is to assess your damages and assign value to your claim. You will have Sentry Public Adjusting on your side to appraise the damage to your property and represent you with your insurance company. We fight for you to get the correct coverage for your property damages.

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