Florida Hail Damage Claims

Hailstorms are becoming more common in Florida, and they can leave you with hidden roof damage. A hail-damaged roof is much more vulnerable during tropical storms or hurricanes.

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Hail damage facts and statistics

  • Hail damaged 10.6 million homes in 2017.
  • In 2019, there were 5,396 major hailstorms in the U.S., according to the NOAA.
  • Many hail damage insurance claims are made more than a year after the damage occurred.
  • The largest hailstone in U.S. history was 8 inches in diameter and weighed 1.94 pounds.
  • Insurance industry experts call hail “the hidden risk.”
  • The summer months are most common in Florida for large hail events.
  • Insurance policies often have hail and wind deductibles.
  • More than 80% of recent hailstorms yielded hailstones of 1 inch or larger.

Call Sentry Public Adjusting for a free insurance policy review to ensure your Florida property is covered for hail damage.

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Sentry Public Adjusting can review your homeowners’ insurance policy for free to ensure that you have adequate coverage for damage from hail. With hail damage claims increasing in recent years, policies sometimes have exclusions from hail damage. There is also a cosmetic damage exclusion that can be part of a policy.

Assessing the full extent of hail damage is an involved process. If the integrity of your roof or siding is compromised, it can lead to water and mold damage, which often go unnoticed. Some insurance companies won’t allow for the coverage of other damages, leaving you with thousands of dollars in repairs that aren’t reimbursed.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies have anti-concurrent causation clauses in them. An anti-concurrent causation clause usually reads something similar to, “We do not insure for such loss regardless of: a) the cause of the excluded event; or b) other causes of the loss; or c) whether other causes acted concurrently or in any sequence with the excluded event to produce the loss.”


Our public adjusters will come in and do a FREE inspection and evaluation of damages to your home and the surrounding property. This is an in-depth inspection, as we will also be checking for any other damages and assessing the degree of the hailstorm damage. You can schedule your inspection at a convenient time, and it is done at no up-front cost to you. We correctly and efficiently document all damages and handle the submitting of your hail damage insurance claim. Our hail damage adjustment services consist of:


  • Reviewing your homeowners’ insurance policy to see what coverage and compensation are available to you for hail damages incurred.
  • Evaluating in detail all losses, including building damages, property damages, contents and belongings and any additional expenses from hail damage.
  • Conducting a thorough inspection of your property and further documenting all damages to your home or business.
  • Calculating any losses from business interruption.
  • Presenting all information accurately to your insurance company from our inspection.
  • Calculating all damage costs to get you the most compensation possible for your home repairs.
  • Negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company to avoid potential denials.


At Sentry, we know the devastation thunderstorms, high winds and hail can wreak on our state – especially our homes. It’s hard to do all the paperwork and proper documentation when you’re trying to put your life back together.

Sentry Public Adjusting will advocate on your behalf to ensure fair compensation for your hail damage insurance claim. We believe you’re entitled to a settlement that will allow you to repair your home and put your life back together.


Insurance companies are only obligated to repair or replace your roof – whichever costs less.

In Florida, we have the  25% Roof Replacement Rule in the Florida Building Code, which luckily helps make coverage for damage to your roof easier to mend. Roofs aren’t the only part of your home that gets damaged by the hail. Hail damage can open your home up to other losses that can be equally devastating.

Sentry Public Adjusting will help guide you to maintain your safety and to keep the integrity of your home intact until repairs can be made.

Your hail damage insurance claims should be handled by a professional firm like Sentry Public Adjusting. Handling a hail damage claim yourself can result in a being denied or “lowballed.” Our licensed Florida public adjusters are skilled in dealing with insurance companies and claims. That’s their job!

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