Between wind damage and hurricanes, roofs take serious damage in Florida. The problem then becomes, how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement costs? If you don’t need your whole roof replaced and it’s just a leak, does homeowner’s insurance cover roof leaks? How can you file a roof damage insurance claim? Many questions arise when it comes to replacing a roof through your homeowner’s insurance policy, these are the things that you need to know.

How to get Insurance to pay for Roof Replacement

When you file your roof damage insurance claim as a covered peril, your insurance company SHOULD cover all costs to replace your roof. Your insurance company is only obligated to repair or replace your roof – whichever costs less. Although, in Florida, there is the 25% Roof Replacement Rule in the Florida Building Code. A part of this code states that no more than 25% the total roof area or roof section of a structure shall be repaired, replaced or recovered in any 12-month period unless the entire roofing system or roof section conforms to requirements of this code.

The 25% Roof Replacement Rule means that should your roof be damaged more than 25% of the total rood section due to wind damages your homeowners’ insurance has to pay for roof replacement of that section. If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t want to pay for your roof replacement, you should get a public adjuster involved, like Sentry Public Adjusting. We can get insurance to pay for a roof replacement for your home. We advocate on your behalf to your insurance company to get you the most out of your damage claim.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Pouring over your homeowner’s insurance policy can be time-consuming and tiring. How do you know if your homeowner’s insurance covers roof leaks? Depending on your policy if it is the result of a covered peril (such as wind damage, or a hurricane like Hurricane Irma that caused massive amounts of damage in 2017 ), it should be covered through your homeowner’s insurance.

If your roof leak is from normal wear and tear, your insurance company may not want to cover your roof leak. If the roof leak is due to acts of nature such as storms, it should be covered. If there is a particularly strong wind storm and your roof then, in turn, begins to leak, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover your roof leak because it may fall under an anti-concurrent causation clause.

Meaning if your roof begins to leak due to windstorms, you may be left without coverage for your roof leak since it is resulting damage. A situation like this is when having a public adjuster on your side is beneficial. Sentry Public Adjusting can fight for you to get the most compensation for your roof leak. Does your homeowner’s insurance cover roof leaks? Sentry Public Adjusting can advocate on your behalf to get them to.

Filing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

The process of filing a roof damage claim is tedious. Filing your roof damage insurance claim, yourself can be the denying factor if your roof damage insurance claim is filed improperly. When it comes to getting your homeowner’s insurance to pay for roof replacement, having Sentry Public Adjusting on your side can make the difference. A public adjuster can perform a free inspection of the damages and properly file your roof damage insurance claim for you.

When your home is damaged it is troubling, let Sentry Public Adjusting take the stress off you. Sentry Public Adjusting can handle your roof damage insurance claim from the beginning of the filing process to the end with your home being fully restored. Contact us at 844-443-4357 today for a FREE inspection of your residential or commercial property damage.