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At Sentry Public Adjusting, we understand the struggle of dealing with an insurance claim while trying to repair damages to your home or business. Our licensed Florida public adjusters have decades of experience guiding clients through the entire claim process. Whether your property has been damaged by storms, fire, water, vandalism or some other act, Sentry stands ready to inspect your damages free of charge!

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Whether you’re picking up the pieces after a hurricane, or you’re dealing with a denied or underpaid claim, Sentry Public Adjusting is here to make sure you get your maximum settlement.

Our public adjusting services can begin immediately by scheduling a free, in-home inspection. We only get paid when you do, like an attorney working on a contingency fee.

Whatever type of property damage claim you’re facing, Sentry Public Adjusting will fight to make sure you get what you deserve—not what the insurance company says you should get! Not only do we ensure you get the most out of your insurance policy, we handle all of the work involved. Down to the smallest details, we work with your insurance company on your behalf and report back to you.



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Wind Damage

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Sentry knows how much damage high winds can cause, and we know how to get the maximum settlement for wind damage insurance claims.

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Mold Removal

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In Florida, mold issues can be quite common, but not always fully covered by insurance. Our public adjusters have extensive experience with mold damage claims.

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Fire Damage

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With Florida’s extreme heat and lightning risks, fire insurance policies can be complex. A Sentry public adjuster has the knowledge and experience to manage your claim for you.

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Commercial Losses

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Claims for commercial property damage or loss of business are often complex and difficult to properly document. Sentry Public Adjusting has the experience to help put you back in business.

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Water Damage

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As Florida public adjusters, we know water damage is one of the most frequent insurance claims. Let Sentry work for you and guide you through each step of the claim process.

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Hurricane Damage

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Floridians know a lot about hurricane prevention, but working with a busy insurance company after a storm isn’t so easy. Sentry Public Adjusting knows what to do.


Public adjusters are the only property-loss professionals who exclusively represent the policyholder. Your insurance company’s adjuster is working to minimize the amount the insurance company has to pay out. Whether your claim is for storm damage, vandalism, water damage, mold damage, fire damage or disruption of business, working with a public adjuster can be the difference between getting properly compensated or barely covering your losses.
Sentry’s public adjusters have experience in construction, remodeling and property valuation, and we use advanced software and algorithms in a thorough evaluation of your loss. Not only are we experts in evaluating property damage, but we know how to write your claim application so that it meets your specific policy requirements. All our knowledge and experience is on your side when we submit your property damage claim for you.


At Sentry Public Adjusting,
we only get paid if you do.

The cost of our services is only billed as a small percentage of what you get paid from the insurance company. You don’t pay us anything until your claim goes through. If your claim doesn’t get paid, then neither do we.

Most homeowners find it’s best to hire a public adjuster early in the insurance claim process. However, no matter what stage of the process you’re in, we can help you get the most out of your claim.

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