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Homeowners' Insurance Companies

Let Our Licensed Florida Public Adjusters Help With Your Insurance Claim

Sentry Public Adjusting understands that you don’t want to fight an insurance company while waiting for the damage to your home to be repaired. We pride ourselves on working for you, handling every stage of the often tedious claim process. We have a proven track record of getting our clients the maximum claim settlement by working with insurance companies large and small, such as:

  • Allstate
  • Travelers
  • Florida Peninsula
  • State Farm
  • Universal Property and Casualty
  • USAA
  • Tower Hill
  • Bankers
  • American Strategic (ASI)
  • FedNat
  • Gulfstream
  • Frontline
  • St. Johns

Insurance claims can be denied or underpaid for a variety of reasons.

Don’t settle for a lowball offer or a claim rejection. Sentry can help reopen your claim even if it has been paid or rejected. Sentry’s public adjusters use decades of construction and insurance expertise to help you with complex scenarios, such as:

    • Proper damage appraisal—it is important to accurately describe the exact cause of the damage so the claim is evaluated properly by insurance carriers. If the cause of the damage is unclear, the carrier may reject the claim.
    • Roof coverage denial—a common reason for denying roof damage claims is “improper installation.” If your insurance company can successfully argue improper installation, they aren’t held responsible for compensating you.
    • Unknown policy details—many companies have strict rules that may be hidden in the complex details of your policy, such as requiring a sworn proof of loss within 30 days of reporting damages. And company websites often have few coverage details.
    • Supplemental damages—your home or business may suffer additional damage resulting from your initial roof damage, for example. Insurance companies may not recognize this as part of your claim.
    • Complicated claim process—just filing your insurance claim without professional help can be daunting. For example, you may be asked for more personal details than you had to provide to get coverage.
    • Insurance company red tape—while a big-name insurer may represent stability, your claim can bounce around and be handled by many different people. It may be hard to track someone down or to get the proper information.
Working with Insurance Companies, Working for You!

Let Sentry Handle the Details of Your Claim

We’ll Get You the Maximum Settlement

The issues above and more can be avoided by having a professional advocate on your side to negotiate with your insurance company from the beginning. Our Florida public adjusters are well versed in the language of homeowners’ and commercial insurance and can cut through the complex claim process. We’re here until your house is a home again.

Working with Insurance Companies, Working for You!

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