Hurricane Irma claim deadline? Yes, even though we’re in the middle of yet another storm-heavy hurricane season, we’re talking about Hurricane Irma from 2017. Why? Because Florida law allows property owners to submit insurance claims up to three years after a hurricane causes damage.

Already Filed a Hurricane Claim?

Even if your claim was paid, denied or you were “lowballed” by your insurance company, Sentry Public Adjusting can help! We’re able to reopen and resubmit claims to help property owners get the maximum settlement allowed by their policies. Just remember the Irma claim deadline of September 9, and contact us for a free consultation!

Didn’t File a Claim Because Your Damage Was Too Small?

Let Sentry examine your home for free to make sure there’s no damage from Hurricane Irma that perhaps you didn’t notice! It’s common for owners or even other professional inspectors and adjusters to miss hidden damage that could be getting worse with every wind event and hailstorm. Our licensed Florida public adjusters have the experience and the tools to make sure your roof and other vulnerable areas are free from damage and likely to withstand the next hurricane. Call us for a free inspection in time for the Irma claim deadline of September 9!

Hurricane Irma Affected Your Area but Not Your Home?

Here’s the thing: how do you really know? Just because your roof wasn’t torn off doesn’t mean it wasn’t damaged. And that minor, hidden Hurricane Irma damage may have been deteriorating, leading to leaks and mold issues. Do you want to take that chance? Sentry can evaluate your home or commercial property for any damage and give you a full report (and peace of mind) at no charge! Let us take a look before the September 9 Hurricane Irma claim deadline!

Hurricane Irma Facts

In 2017, Hurricane Irma hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of nearly 177 mph. Hurricane Irma caused an estimated $50 billion in damage! Of the more than 1 million homeowners’ and commercial property owners’ insurance claims, over 300,000 were closed without payment! If your Hurricane Irma insurance claim was closed without any settlement, call Sentry today. We can analyze your claim and possibly resubmit it before the September 9 deadline to file Irma claims.

Here are some more Hurricane Irma facts:

  • More than 6 million Floridians were ordered to evacuate
  • Hurricane shelters took in 77,000 people seeking refuge
  • Nearly 200 people died because of the storm
  • Irma is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane to date
  • Irma is the fifth most damaging hurricane in the U.S. to date
  • For Florida, Irma is the costliest hurricane so far
  • About 50,000 boats were damaged or destroyed
  • Almost 7 million Floridians lost power

If a Storm Damages Your Property, Call Sentry First–Before Your Insurance Company!

If your home or business sustains damage from a hurricane, tropical storm or thunderstorm with heavy winds, make Sentry Public Adjusting your first call. The initial contact with your insurance company is crucial to whether your claim is paid or denied. Our licensed Florida public adjusters know how to effectively approach and deal with insurance companies to maximize your claim settlement.