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How Does a Public Adjuster Get Paid?

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Increase Your Claim by 747%!

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What is the OPPAGA Report?


OPPAGA stands for Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability and is part of the Florida legislature’s investigative body. The stated goal of the office is to provide “data, evaluative research, and objective analyses to assist legislative budget and policy deliberations.”

OPPAGA reports provide facts and data used by the State of Florida, Florida policymakers and public officials to save money, protect the public and ensure accountability and fiscal responsibility.

To date, OPPAGA reports on a variety of subjects have resulted in over $857 million in savings to both the State of Florida and the general public. One of the most impactful OPPAGA reports is the OPPAGA report on public adjusters. The facts that the report revealed about homeowners’ insurance companies, property damage claims and public adjusting make it clear that home and business owners should hire a public adjuster to handle their property insurance claims.


2010 OPPAGA Report On Public Adjusting

In 2010, the state of Florida OPPAGA office conducted an in-depth, statewide examination of the insurance industry and how the growing number of public adjusters were affecting property damage claims, insurance companies and homeowners’ insurance claims in the state of Florida. The OPPAGA report found that:

  • Homeowners who submitted claims on their own received an average $2,029 vs. an average of $17,187 when represented by a public adjuster. Using a public adjusting service, homeowners saw an average increase of 747% in their homeowners’ insurance payout.
  • The number of public adjusters has risen significantly.
  • Incidents of complaints, fraud, regulatory actions and other issues were extremely low.
  • Public adjusters in the State of Florida must pass rigorous, state-run licensing tests, permitting exams and carry extensive insurance policies.
  • Public Adjusters are the only advocates that exclusively represent the policyholder.
  • Insurance companies attempt to discourage homeowners from hiring public adjusters.
★ 747.9 % Increase With An Adjuster ★


Average Claim Value
without a Public Adjuster


Average Claim Value
with a Public Adjuster

Overall, the OPPAGA report found that using a public adjuster was beneficial because the industry is highly regulated with strict licensing and training standards in place. With homeowners seeing over 700% increases in their property damage claim payouts, can you afford not to use an expert public adjuster to represent you?

For 2008* catastrophe claims, public adjusters were responsible for:

*State of Florida (OPPAGA) study of public adjuster involvement in claims

57% of reopened claims
61% of mediations
89% of appraisal arbitrations

Underpaid or Lowballed by Your Insurance Company?

Sentry Public Adjusting Fights for You!​

According to our customers, one of the main reasons they sought out Sentry Public Adjusting is that they felt underpaid or “lowballed” by their insurance company. Property owners often try to assess damages themselves, and they fail to understand and report the full scope of necessary repairs. At Sentry, our goal is to get you the maximum settlement with a professionally documented, appraised and negotiated claim.

A large part of our business is helping property owners with claims that were already closed whether they were paid or denied. Many people don’t even realize this is possible. We strive to educate our customers on the insurance company’s legal obligations as we manage their claims every step of the way.

Call Sentry and we can:

  • Reappraise the value of your loss
  • Reopen your underpaid claim
  • File a supplemental claim
  • Reopen your denied claim

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