At Sentry Public Adjusting, we know that a house is more than a piece of property. Your residence is home to your family, pets and belongings. It is a sacred place that is usually your biggest asset and has extreme emotional value to you. When something happens to your home, it is often devastating to you and your family. Many questions come up when it comes to filing a residential insurance claim, and Sentry Public Adjusting is here to help.


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As soon as you have established that there is damage to your home, you should call Sentry Public Adjusting so that we can represent you with your insurance company. If there is any crime, report it to the police immediately. After filing the police report, make sure to get a copy so that we can provide it to your insurance company.

When we deal with your insurance company on your behalf, we will determine the following: 

  • How long you have to file a claim
  • Your coverage for the specific type of damage
  • Any deductibles
  • Estimates needed for repairs

Insurance companies use a lot of industry-specific terms and jargon that may be confusing. We know how to navigate your policy and any communication between you and the company to make the process go smoothly for you. We can make sure all claim forms go in quickly and accurately to expedite the claim process and save you time and hassle.

You can schedule a free damage inspection and consultation with one of Sentry’s licensed Florida public adjusters at any time. And there is no charge up front for our services. We don’t get paid until you do!

Residential Insurance Claims


After the paperwork has been sent in, and your claim is being processed, your homeowners’ insurance company will send an adjuster to survey the damage to your home. The insurance adjuster represents the insurance company in determining how much repairs will cost and what your settlement will be. Sentry Public Adjusting understands this process and how to maximize your claim settlement to completely cover the damage to your home.

When the adjuster arrives, we will go through the inspection with the insurance adjuster. We will make sure they are properly documenting all damages to ensure that you are getting fair treatment. Property damage appraisers from the insurance company will also do an independent appraisal of the damages. We will obtain a copy of the report after the inspection so that we know all the details.

The insurance adjuster is going to argue on behalf of the insurance company to pay the minimum settlement allowed. However, Sentry Public Adjusting is on your side. In our experience, we can negotiate a much higher settlement for your claim with the insurance company than the initial offer.

To ensure that your home doesn’t suffer further damage, secure the damaged areas as much as possible. Prevention of further damage is required by your homeowners’ insurance, and the company may try to deny your claim if losses aren’t properly mitigated.

Residential Insurance Claims


Residential Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim for your property damage can be a long, worrisome task to tackle on your own. When Sentry Public Adjusting is on your side from the beginning, we can walk you through every step while keeping clear and consistent lines of communication open with you and the insurance company. Due to some insurance companies’ restrictions on how soon you must file a claim, we recommend calling Sentry Public Adjusting immediately.

Our residential insurance claim adjustment process includes the following:

  • Reviewing the existing insurance policies to determine your coverages.
  • Evaluating all losses, including building damages, the contents of the home and any additional expenses incurred.
  • Inspecting your property to estimate and substantiate all of the damages. The estimator appointment is a vital part of the claim process.
  • Reopening a previously closed claim if any issues are found after the claim has been settled.
  • Presenting all documentation along with the damage claim to your insurance company.
  • Negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf.

Let Sentry Public  Adjusting help you file your residential property damage claim today. We’re with you until your house is a home again!

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