Vandalism Damage Claims

Having a public adjusting firm help with your vandalism damage claim can mean the difference between settling for an insurance company’s lowball offer and getting the amount you deserve. Sentry Public Adjusting has the knowledge and experience to handle your vandalism damage claim. Contact us for free inspection of any vandalism damage done to your property and a review of your property insurance.


Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Vandalism Damage Claims?

You may be wondering, “Does my homeowners’ insurance policy cover vandalism or property damage?” Many times, basic homeowners’ insurance and renters insurance policies will not cover vandalism claims unless you have specifically added it as a named peril.

Most homeowners’ insurance is considered comprehensive, covering property, belongings, liability and living expenses in one policy. However, it can be difficult to determine any limits or exclusions from a complicated insurance policy. Sentry can examine your declaration page to find out what type of vandalism is covered in your home insurance.

In addition, many insurance companies will interpret policy rules and laws to find any loophole to make sure they don’t have to pay or to minimize the amount of damage they have to pay for. Depending on your policy, home insurance covers certain losses differently. For example, there may be an exclusion in your insurance coverage for personal property or individual types of damage, like broken windows. There are frequently exclusion rules like the property not being covered if it has been vacant for 60 days.

Vandalism Damage Claim

Common Types of Vandalism Homeowners Can Deal With

Graffiti is by far the most prevalent form of property vandalism, accounting for 35 percent of cases, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

That being said, there’s a lot more than just spray paint to worry about when it comes to your home. You may be glad to have protection against vandalism on your homeowners’ insurance policy in case:


  • Your outdoor lights or windows are broken
  • Your lawn, garden or outbuildings are damaged
  • Your house exterior is egged, painted or covered in excrement, etc.
  • Your trees, bushes or shrubs are cut, burned or otherwise damaged by vandals
  • Your home is burned
  • Your plumbing is tampered with
  • Your locks are glued
  • Lawn ornaments or decorations are damaged or stolen

Not All Vandalism Damage Insurance Claims Are Alike

Vandalism Damage Claim

Keep in mind that no two vandalism insurance claims will be the same because of the unique and often personal nature of vandalism.

Sentry Public Adjusting has experience in submitting vandalism claims against homeowners’ insurance policies, and calling us is the best chance you have to collect the full value from your vandalism claim.

What Should My Next Steps Be?

  • File a police report. This will be required by your insurance company.
  • Call Sentry Public Adjusting first, before your insurance agent, so we can file a claim for you.
  • Set up a FREE assessment with Sentry Public Adjusting. We work tirelessly to make sure your vandalism or theft insurance claim is maximized. Take the stress, frustration and headache of dealing with your insurance company out of the process, and let us help you.

    Carefully list everything that was damaged or stolen, and if you have receipts for items, make sure you provide those to your public adjuster. Every last bit of information is helpful, especially if it can help document the value of items damaged or missing.

Why Choose Sentry Public Adjusting?

Sentry Public Adjusting understands that dealing with vandalism damage is no easy task. We know the stress and worry that come with the financial burdens and the paperwork involved with vandalism damage insurance claims.

We understand that your family is focused on picking up the pieces after experiencing vandalism damage to your home and property. We believe that you are entitled to have your property in its original condition, and we will do everything possible to make sure your property is restored.

There are many moving pieces and parts that go into preparing a vandalism or theft claim, and Sentry Public Adjusting is here to help. Having us by your side means your claim will be investigated, documented and pursued to the fullest extent possible.

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