What is a Florida Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional claim handler/claims adjuster who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim. To put it simply, we work for you when it comes to handling your insurance claims. There are still questions; Sentry Public Adjusting is a public claims adjuster, what does that mean? What does a public adjuster do? What is a public adjuster’s salary, how do they get paid? Sentry Public Adjusting has all the answers for you.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is someone who can handle your insurance claim for you. Say your home is damaged by a hurricane, like Hurricane Irma. You have homeowner’s insurance, and they will pay out a claim to you for the damages that have happened to your home. What if the compensation that they have paid you isn’t enough? A public adjuster can help you in this situation.

What a public adjuster does is we advocate for you. Sentry Public Adjusting will perform a FREE inspection of your home and the damage from the hurricane. We then asses how much damage has occurred and substantiate the compensation that will cover the repairs to your home. Your homeowner’s insurance company typically wants to pay the bare minimum for the damages. Minimal compensation can leave you with damages to your home and financial burden, and piles of paperwork to sort through without the help of a public adjuster.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is the same thing as a public adjuster! There are many different names or terms used when talking about public adjusters. Sentry Public Adjusting doesn’t solely handle the claims process with your insurance company. We also perform the inspection of your damage. We are all around professionals when it comes to handling your homeowner’s insurance claim.

There are also what are called independent insurance adjusters. They can easily be confused with public adjusters. Independent insurance adjusters are like freelance adjusters. They are hired for their services out to insurance companies to investigate, negotiate and settle claims on behalf of the company.

A public adjuster is hired by you, while your insurance company hires an independent insurance adjuster on their behalf. Sentry Public Adjusting works with you for you.

What is a Public Adjusters Salary?

A public adjusters salary varies greatly. Our motto at Sentry Public Adjusting is “No recovery, no fee.” Meaning that we see no payment unless you do. Public adjusters work for you, meaning that we will do everything to get you the most compensation for your home damages. The most important thing that we do is get your home back to its original state. The payment for our services is a small portion compared to the costs of getting your home repaired.

A public adjuster doesn’t have a set salary. We advocate for the homeowner and perform our services as necessary for each claim that we handle. Sentry Public Adjusting gets paid by our clients because of the outstanding comprehensive services that we offer to you.

What Does a Public Adjuster do?

To best explain what a public adjuster does, here is Sentry Public Adjusting’s claim process. We perform a FREE inspection and evaluation of the damages to your home and the surrounding property. Our process consists of an in-depth inspection as we will also be checking for any additional unseen damages and assessing the degree of the initial damage. This inspection is done at your earliest convenience, and at NO UP-FRONT COST to you. We efficiently detail all instances of damages and handle submitting your damage claim to your insurance company on your behalf. A break down of our services is:

  • A thorough reading and oversight of your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what coverages and compensation are available to you for the damages.
  • Evaluate and detail total losses, including building damages, property damages, contents and belongings, and any additional expenses.
  • Any losses from business interruption if applicable.
  • Present all information accurately to your insurance company from our inspection and damage claim for your home repairs.
  • Calculate all damage costs to get you the most compensation possible for your home repairs.
  • Fight on your behalf with your insurance company to rebut potential denials.

We handle your damage claim to your homeowner’s insurance in every aspect, for you. Our loyalty lies in you our customer; not the insurance company. A public adjuster is your best friend when you’re filing a damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance company. We want you to get the most compensation possible to take care of every inch of damage to your home. If you have a home damage claim and are looking for a public adjuster, call Sentry Public Adjusting today at 844-443-4357.